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Welcome to my latest web site for people interested in the Fenner surname in the United Kingdom.

 I have been researching my family history since 1988, and because my family seemed to move around a lot (Sussex then London then Cambridge then Reigate)  I decided to turn it into a one name study. The next step was to record all the entries of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the General Register Office (formerly St Catherines) indexes from 1837 to the present day. I then set about linking the individual Birth, Marriage and Death entries to represent a persons life, and then using Census and Parish Register entries to link individuals into families. A lot of my work was done long before the Birth, Marriage and Death indexes or indeed any censuses were put on line and involved spending many hundreds of hours visiting libraries and various County Record Offices.

The result is that I have four databases :-

 1. Sussex and Kent families

 This includes details of people in my own family and other Fenner families who originate in the area around Mayfield and Rotherfield in Sussex as well as the Tunbridge Wells area of Kent. I should emphasise that there are Fenner's from other parts of the country and indeed the World included in this database, but they all have their origins in this part of the country. This database contains over 4000 individuals including nearly 1800 people born with the surname Fenner .

2.Other Fenner families

This section has details of all other Fenner's born after 1837, as well as some born before then where I have been able to get their lines back prior to 1837 using Parish Registers, etc. It includes Sussex and Kent born Fenner's where I have as yet been unable to link them into that database. This database of nearly 10,000 people  has details of over 5000 Fenner's born since 1747, and of those who were born between 1837 and 1911 (around 2000)who later married I have identified their parents in all but a handful of cases, though there are another 500 who died in infancy without being recorded on any Census, hence to trace these one has to either purchase the birth certificate which I have done for those in the Uckfield Registration District or trawl through parish registers for burials.

3. Marriages

This section contains a list of marriages where I have been unable to ascertain which individual the marriage refers to. The FreeBMD website has helped greatly in reducing the numbers in this section. It also contains details of marriages in the Greater London area for which I am trying to identify the details of the Church and date of marriage.

4. Deaths

As you can probably guess by now this section contains the death entries where I have been unable to identify the person who has died in either of the main indexes. Although everyone died with the surname Fenner, I have not shown the Fenner surname for females unless they died in their childhood or I know from another source that they never married.

For those of you researching Captain Arthur Fenner of Worth there is no information on this site about his family. I have not got that far back with my research yet. I recommend the American Fennerfamily website (run by another Chris Fenner) for researchers of that family.